There are pros and cons of drinking wine. When consumed at a meagre level, there are many health benefits, but you have to ensure that you do not exceed your limits. As long as you have control over how much you drink, then you have no problem. Let us take a look at all the cons of drinking wine.

Drinking wine spoils your diet:

Most of us drink wine as we eat and many of us wouldn’t agree to the fact that wine derails your diet. But if you take a closer look, one glass of wine is about 100 calories, and apart from the flavonoids and resveratrol which helps in improving your health conditions, wine does not have anything else. You will have to deal with the alcohol in your body before you can process all the proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients in the drink. Also if you are trying to lose weight, drinking wine during dinner is not a good idea.

Wine can stress you out:

When it is meant to do the opposite, there are times when wine can stress you out. Though it decreases cortisol level in your body, it will also make you focus on negativity. Negative thoughts can make you feel depressed and sad. As you feel depressed, you will end up drinking more than you have to and which is very bad for your health.

Disturbs your REM sleep:

Our sleep is divided into several stages, and the REM stage is when you fall into a deep sleep. Drinking wine can actually affect REM sleep. It is the most important part of your sleep, and when your REM sleep is disturbed, you will not feel good in the morning. If you feel that you have the right amount of sleep every day but you still feel tired, you might want to avoid that glass of wine you are drinking before going to bed.

Increases the risk of cancers for heavy drinkers:

Wine, when consumed in a limited amount, can help you fight cancer, but when you drink more than you actually should, you are increasing your risk of cancer. So if you are trying to reduce your risk of cancer by drinking wine, you should know the amount of wine you should be consuming.

You should avoid drinking wine if you have a history of addiction and depression:

If you happen to have a history of addiction or migraines or depression, you should not be drinking wine. In fact, you should be avoiding any kind of alcoholic drink for that matter. Drinking wine will trigger your brain, and you should not be risking anything.

Always remember that drinking wine in a limited amount is healthy, but once that level is crossed, wine is no longer good for your health.