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Wine lovers: Mark Saturday 17 September 2020 in your diary for the VIC100 Festival of Wine.

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VIC100 is Victoria’s greatest wine festival, celebrating our state’s world-class wineries, winemakers and of course, wines. Taste the VIC100 wines, meet the faces behind them and take home your top picks at the VIC100 Festival of Wine, to be held at Fed Square on Saturday 17 September 2016.


Led by wine guru and VIC100 Curator Nick Stock, the tasting panel is a group of Australian wine experts who are at the top of their game.




The annual VIC100 Wine Awards identifies the top 100 wines of the year as well as selecting regional winners and the VIC ONE wine – the best of the best. If you’re a Victorian winemaker making outstanding wine from your region, enter the VIC100 now.

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VIC100 entries are now open.
Submit your wine before Friday 22 July 2020.


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Adelaide Hills Wine Festival 2018

Adelaide Hills Wine Festival 2018

Once again, our sister organisation AHWF (Adelaide Hills Wine Festival) has completed their annual wine festival. With attendences up 20% on the previous year, this has been a success in the Adelaide Hills food and dining expansion plans spurred through local, state and federal support.

The two day event featured live music from local and interstate performers, food trucks (including the well known Babush Zamberia),  and wine tasting of the finest Adelaide Hills produce.

The festival has featured 27 wine brands, 100 vintages which have come from local Adelaide Hills wineries. Over the weekend, more than 900 bottles of glorious wine were consumed through wine tastings and 4000 confirmed sales ordered through listed vendors, with many times this likely to flow over the coming months from increased exposure of local brands to what is a growing global market.

Five Fun Facts about this years festival:

  1. this the biggest year for the AHWF – what originally was a group of three wineries trying to grow their exposure in a competitive market, this event has grown from what was 50 attendees to over 4000. With more vendors, performances and guest judges, the popularity is sure to keep growing. This is also still a strong family event, with childrens entertainers, childrens food carts and creche
  2. It’s not just wine. Yes you heard it – to provide an experience for everyone, there are three vendors at the festival which are stocking local pear, apple and berry ciders. Next year its also expected that two known microbreweries and a gin distillery will be bringing their local brands to the 2019 event.
  3. The desserts are to die for. Cakes by Maree’ are featured in the southern pavillion this year, with over 5000 desserts catered. There is also a dessert cooking demonstration which was held each day at 11am and 3pm, with both childrens and adult experiences provided
  4. Brand-a-Bottle – the winner of the AHWF ticket lottery this year gave the prize of being able to coin the name on the 2018 Vercuse Vintage Savignon Blanc. The winner has 30 days working with the wineries branding specialist to come up with the name and label design, and will also receive 2 cases of this commemorative line. This includes a gold emboss of their name which will make for a great collection piece for their whole family.
  5. Battle of the bands success. Wine has also had a strong affinity with music and social events. This years battle of the bands between local secondary schools has lead to a great clash of the titans, with local teenager Alice Clarence taking the prize as the lead vocalist of HerGirls – a teen vocal group. Alice’s father is a local vendor at the event and even managed to take time from servicing their great produce to see the performance.

Local sponsors include Hebel Fulfillment Services Ltd, Adelaide Hills Electrician, The Propaganda Club, Roof Restoration Adelaide and NAWMA. If you’re looking to sponsor the 2019 event, contact the local chamber of commerce for information.

The awards night for this event will be held at Stirling Community hall at 7pm, on the 16th of August 2018. Please note that ticket holders must present their names at the door to be allocated seating.

Member bands can be collected from before 12pm on the 16th.

Health benefits of drinking wine:

Health benefits of drinking wine:

We all have had that tough day where we are so tried, and we come back home to take a sip of that wine which has been in your fridge for a long time. Now suddenly you hear an inner voice which tells you about how drinking is bad for your health, and that you need to be exercising and eating healthy. If you are a person who is constantly pricked by that inner voice, we have some good news for you. Drinking wine on a limited amount is good for your health. If you happen to drink wine once or twice a week in a limited amount, your health will become much better. But remember that it is only applicable when you consume on a moderate level. Let us take a look at the health benefits of drinking wine.

Cardiovascular health:

Many studies and researches have shown how drinking wine in small quantities can reduce the risk of heart diseases to a great extent. Wine is a natural blood thinner and resveratrol which is found in grape can protect your body from strokes and other heart-related diseases. But always remember that this is only applicable for light drinkers. If you happen to be a heavy drinker, the exact opposite is going to happen.

Reduces the cholesterol in your body:

The procyanidins in the wine which promotes healthy heart will also help your body to reduce cholesterol. It helps you to decrease the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in your body. As your cholesterol level is maintained in your body, your blood pressure is also maintained and thus, drinking a glass of wine is a medicine for you.

Reduces the risk of type2 diabetes:

Type 2 diabetes is something which affects almost everyone these days. Due to poor eating habits and no exercise, many people are affected with Type 2 Diabetes. Resveratrol in the wine improves the sensibility to insulin in your body.

Reduces the risk of cancer:

Studies have shown that drinking a glass of wine can help you reduce the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and also breast cancer. The antioxidant in the wine helps your body to fight all the free radicals which allow the cancer cells to thrive.

Improves your cognitive function:

Now, who would have known that drinking a glass of wine can actually make you smarter? The chemicals in the wine help the neurons to be alert in your brain. As a result of this, your brain will be protected from diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Increases your bone density:

As we get old, our bone becomes weak, and thus you will have to increase your calcium intake. Or you can drink a glass of wine occasionally. The high levels of silicon in wine will help in maintaining the density of your bone.

Cons of drinking red wine:

Cons of drinking red wine:

There are pros and cons of drinking wine. When consumed at a meagre level, there are many health benefits, but you have to ensure that you do not exceed your limits. As long as you have control over how much you drink, then you have no problem. Let us take a look at all the cons of drinking wine.

Drinking wine spoils your diet:

Most of us drink wine as we eat and many of us wouldn’t agree to the fact that wine derails your diet. But if you take a closer look, one glass of wine is about 100 calories, and apart from the flavonoids and resveratrol which helps in improving your health conditions, wine does not have anything else. You will have to deal with the alcohol in your body before you can process all the proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients in the drink. Also if you are trying to lose weight, drinking wine during dinner is not a good idea.

Wine can stress you out:

When it is meant to do the opposite, there are times when wine can stress you out. Though it decreases cortisol level in your body, it will also make you focus on negativity. Negative thoughts can make you feel depressed and sad. As you feel depressed, you will end up drinking more than you have to and which is very bad for your health.

Disturbs your REM sleep:

Our sleep is divided into several stages, and the REM stage is when you fall into a deep sleep. Drinking wine can actually affect REM sleep. It is the most important part of your sleep, and when your REM sleep is disturbed, you will not feel good in the morning. If you feel that you have the right amount of sleep every day but you still feel tired, you might want to avoid that glass of wine you are drinking before going to bed.

Increases the risk of cancers for heavy drinkers:

Wine, when consumed in a limited amount, can help you fight cancer, but when you drink more than you actually should, you are increasing your risk of cancer. So if you are trying to reduce your risk of cancer by drinking wine, you should know the amount of wine you should be consuming.

You should avoid drinking wine if you have a history of addiction and depression:

If you happen to have a history of addiction or migraines or depression, you should not be drinking wine. In fact, you should be avoiding any kind of alcoholic drink for that matter. Drinking wine will trigger your brain, and you should not be risking anything.

Always remember that drinking wine in a limited amount is healthy, but once that level is crossed, wine is no longer good for your health.

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